• October 21, 2020

Spread Positivity, Not COVID

How Merci Aims to Combat a Brutal 2020

Spread Positivity, Not COVID

Spread Positivity, Not COVID 1024 745 Kyle Gottschalk

It’s no secret that this year has been hard on so many of us, or at the very least, a big adjustment. Death, disease, politics, wildfires, the whole nine yards. People are struggling physically, mentally, and emotionally, especially those who have had to make the most sacrifices – essential workers, first responders, healthcare employees, and so many more. Everyone could use some positivity now more than ever, and Merci strives to accomplish exactly that.

Our platform lets customers and employees make personal connections and review awesome experiences. In the app, you can write about an outstanding employee at any business from anywhere in the country. If the employee has an account, your review will go directly to them. Leaving a review and completing challenges inside the app will accumulate Deed Points on your profile, which can be used to redeem national or local rewards. Essentially, you’re getting rewarded for being a kind person. Pretty cool, right?

“Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. It’s the spark that lights a fire of joy in your soul.”

Amy Collette, Author: The Gratitude Connection

As a man in my early 20s, I have almost exclusively worked in customer service roles since I was 16. As many of you can probably relate to, things don’t always go smoothly. I once saw a co-worker accidentally smash the back window of a customer’s car while loading his groceries. Basically the opposite of smooth. Thankfully, the customer was very friendly and understanding, and we of course did right by them.

While this is not the actual car, you get the idea.

However, everyone has a bad day. This was true even when things were “normal.” Can you imagine how tough it must be now for those who have been working straight through the pandemic? Despite the immense stress and pressure that these employees must be feeling, I have still been able to enjoy many experiences thanks to them.

There is never a wrong time to make someone’s day or give a compliment. It’s critical that we all look out for one another and share some positivity through our daily interactions. Thankfully, Merci offers an easy, convenient, and unique way to do this. Not only can you make other people feel good and earn cool rewards, but there are more amazing features coming soon.

Earn Deed Points towards awesome rewards!

All positive reviews you give include your first name and your profile photo. This allows you to be recognized, form new personal connections, and strengthen existing ones. It is also a wonderful morale-boosting tool for employees that can improve a company’s culture while increasing productivity. I mean, who doesn’t love being appreciated? If you have a job, then you can use Merci to increase your value, build your own personal brand, drive traffic to your place of business, and so much more.

Complete your profile and start receiving reviews!

So be kind, share some positivity, and get cool stuff. It’s that simple. We are all crossing our fingers that things will get better soon. Fortunately, you can keep your fingers crossed and still use your thumbs. Use your thumbs to download Merci for free and make someone’s day.


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